"Jan provided incredible service and motivation with energy and understanding in selling our house.  Her years of experience are reflected in her success and passion for her work.  Jan kept us informed throughout the process, which made the transaction go quickly and smoothly.  Jan is extremely professional and knowledgeable and was awesome to work with.  We will definitely recommend Jan to anyone looking for an agent to assist them in their real estate needs."  Lonnie & Lynne Lowe


"My house buying experience was incredible from start to finish!  Jan listened and  understood what I was looking for right out of the gate, which in turn benefited us both. In fact, when we were out viewing homes we would look at each other and know right away if it was a possibility or not. Within just a few weeks I found the perfect place to call home.  I placed my trust in Jan and relied on her expertise and knowledge as a real estate professional throughout the process and it paid off." Janey Howell


"Twenty-two years ago, as newlyweds and new to Olympia, a colleague recommended we speak with Jan Ward about our first home mortgage loan.  From the beginning, Jan impressed us with her impeccable knowledge of all aspects of the real estate world.  Ten years ago, we worked with Jan again in securing financing for out second home and she was instrumental in the sale of our first home as that entire transaction played out.  This spring we sought Jan out again as we needed to sell the home of my elderly parents who had transitioned to assisted living.  It was a difficult and emotional decision.  In her new capacity as real estate agent, Jan did not disappoint.  She ably and compassionately orchestrated the preparation of t heir home for market, and within one week, we accepted an over-the-listing price cash offer, closing within one month of the listing date.  Jan makes real estate transactions more comfortable, as one can be assured her professionalism, her integrity and her innate desire to ensure a positive and fair experience for her clients.  She's accessible.  She communicates with clarity.  She listens.  Be it about accessing financing, buying or selling, Jan Ward, without hesitation, will continue to be who we will work with in the future." oferester


"When I first started looking at real estate, I was thinking in terms of one story houses.  At one point Jan suggested looking at a condominium.  She was right, in the end we chose a condo over a house - a choice that we are very happy with.  She helped us think about the choice more thoroughly and then helped us through the buying process.  If you're looking for real estate I recommend going with Jan." pandorasrocket


"Over the past 12 years I have had several business interactions with Jan.  She is professional, knowledgeable and precise.  She has incredible integrity and brings her A game with her wherever she goes.  Constantly educating herself on the industry as a whole and keeping her clients informed, she leaves little room for error.  It has been my honor and pleasure to work with her over the years. She is passionate and truly cares in the value of home ownership and the investment aspect of real estate." Tiffany P


"Jan was excellent to work with and she followed up with me on everything every couple of days.  She also checked up with the agents who took clients to the property.  I was very impressed.  Jan is a awesome agent." Sandy Gaines


"I have known and worked with Jan in various enterprises over the past 30 years.  Her knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed.  Jan is dedicated to providing excellent customer service with honesty and integrity.  If you are looking for a real estate professional who will be responsive to your needs while working tirelessly to provide the best customer service for her clients, Jan ward is your choice." KS Cooper


"I worked with Jan both when she was a mortgage broker and now, real estate.  She is professional, organized, and I never worry about her making mistakes.  She also has many resources to assist with preparing one's ho use for sale." zuser20160719212527683


"As an out-of-town client I was very impressed with Jan Ward's expertise and historical knowledge of the mortgage industry, real estate market and area services.  While in town on several occasions looking for a home she was more than accommodating in meeting the needs of my restrictive schedule and keeping me well informed an updated between visits.  She is an excellent listener with a sharp eye for detail, which makes all the difference when looking for a home.  When I made an offer, Jan did an excellent job of reviewing each document while patiently explaining in detail the reason for the rule/regulation and what my choices (if any) might be.  This type of professional service builds confidence and trust in the realtor/buyer relationship.  I would highly recommend Jan who went above and beyond by providing personalized, professional, five star service!" Lorimm3


"Jan is one of the most knowledgeable, trustworthy, hardworking and honest people I have ever worked with in real estate.  She is well rounded, kind and truly cares about people.  I feel privileged to have Jan as my agent!  Her integrity and professionalism always shines through!"  mjkapust63


"After 20 years of a business relationship with Jan, I can highly recommend her to you.  She is very professional, thoughtful about optioins and solutions and a person of great integrity.  In each of my dealings with her I have found her to consistantly be looking out for my best interest and communicate clearly and hoestly.  She's also proactive and resourceful.  She's a great person to have take the lead when you are looking to make a change - either buying or selling a house." user96638631



REALTORS are committed to treat all parties to a transaction honestly. REALTORS subscribe to a strict code of ethics and are expected to maintain a higher level of knowledge of the process of buying and selling real estate. An independent survey reports that 84% of home buyers would use the same REALTOR again.

Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. Transactions today usually exceed $100,000. If you had a $100,000 income tax problem, would you attempt to deal with it without the help of a CPA? If you had a $100,000 legal question, would you deal with it without the help of an attorney? Considering the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it would be foolish to consider a deal in real estate without the professional assistance of a REALTOR.